Eulogy "Murder & Serial Killers E.P." 7 Inch Vinyl


Originally released on Grind Porn Records. There are only a small number of "Buriedinhell" versions out there, so if you come across one, grab it! It's the most rare! Eulogy was a three-piece death/grind band from Sacramento, California that featured members who would go on to form World Of Lies and Kuru. They played really killer Carcass inspired, gore obsessed metal in the mid and late 90's. After a couple of cassette demos, the band recorded three tracks for this, their only vinyl release. It features a super disgusting and gory fold-out collage which not so coincidentally resembles art found in those classic Carcass albums. They even got a hold of the same books that Carcass used. It also features artwork and layouts from Kenny (Knifethruhead/Kuru), Nate (Beerlords) and Stephan (Escapement). With songs about Sacramento serial killer, Dorthea Puente and the ultra notorious, Ed Gein, how can you go wrong?

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