Catarro / Feed Me More "Split" 7 Inch Vinyl


Catarro is a Powerviolence / Grindcore style punk band from Mossoro, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Since 2003 the band has appeared on four releases and Buriedinhell is proud to be among one of the many labels helping to spread their message; "Destroy what must be destroyed!"

Feed Me More began when four friends from Milan, Italy decided to join forces to create an annihilating musical assault mixing crust, grind and modern hardcore elements. This is the follow-up release to their 2014 debut 7 Inch Vinyl on Hanged Man Records. We think they just keep getting better and better.


01. "A Coisa"
02. "Beijo de Sangue"
03. "Devolva Minha Cabeca"
04. "Minha Bandeira e a Nao Bandeira e Minha Nacao e a Nao Nacao"
05. "A Velha Historia das Mascaras (XReverX)"
06. "Eu Sou o Inferno"
07. "Mass Media (Indigesti)"

01. "Human Structures"
02. "Label Society"

Multiple labels from around the world split the cost of this release. Buriedinhell Records received 130 copies on Black, Green, Aqua, Purple, Blue and Yellow Vinyl. Each copy comes with a digital download. BIH044.

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