Thrive And Decay "Intergalacticannibal" CD EP


This is Old-Style Death Metal the way it was meant to be played! Hailing from the city of Sacramento in California, these death merchants will inject audible murder into your head and politely call the coroner to collect whats left of your disintegrated, defiled eardrums for cremation. This, their debut release, unleashes four tracks fueled by dirty, decimating down-tuned guitars and thunderous, thrashing bass driven by pummeling and punishing percussion. This murdered form of music is finally verbally assaulted by gut-wrenching, high-pitched screeches and gut-gurgling, guttural growls that can only be identified as the belching sounds in Satan's bowels. Featuring former and current Knifethruhead, Kuru, Keloid, Cura Cochino and Zerobullshit members, one can be confident that Thrive & Decay's sound devours the intensity and raw aggression of Old School Crustpunk and Grindcore and then regurgitates the ugly, offensive, misanthropic and stinking corpse of Old-School Death Metal and Thrash into a refreshing style not played by many today. Blast beats and hyper-athletic speed drumming be damned! TAD proudly thrives on crushing, slow to mid-paced battery rudely interrupted by the occasional, deadly, galloping, motorpunk beat to summon their time honored brand of decaying metal. With song titles like "Vulture Sepulture", "Intergalacticannibal" and "Eclectic Funeral" that preach about human extinction brought on by creepy birds, the black matter space monster that will someday devour everything (yes, not even the Kardashians will be spared!) and asshole-sell-out-posers who play death and grindcore for the richest car company in the world, how can you go wrong?


1. Thrive And Decay
2. Vulture Sepulture
3. Intergalacticannibal
4. Eclectic Funeral

First pressing of 500 professionally packaged, replicated CDs. Shrink-wrapped in a standard size jewel case.

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