Chronaexus "A Tempest Of Reticence" CD


You loved the 2010 debut, "Algedonic Awakening", now Chronaexus unleashes their brand new effort just in time for your Summer 2011 black metal suicide party: "A Tempest Of Reticence." Chronaexus returned to Mayhemeness Studio in Sacramento, California during the early part of 2011 and captured a much thicker and fuller sound than the previous effort. Thankfully, the new recording is neither polished nor under-produced. It's that perfect, happy medium that is best for all genres of metal and punk. You can hear all of the detailed musicianship, tactfully executed without a pretentious, fabricated, digitally enhanced production that ruins so many present day albums.

Band mastermind, Nick Liuzzi has enlisted a new line-up including, Pete Chavez (Anal Blast, Slaughterbox) on Drums and Matt Thompson (Slaughterbox) on Second Guitar. Chronaexus has abandoned the keyboards for a more raw, primitive and "stripped down" approach. Never fear - the addition of Thompson on Second Guitar has elevated the amount of ethereal "layering" which the keyboard formerly provided and maintains the evil and eerie atmospheric soundscapes that were so important and prevalent on "Algedonic Awakening." Chavez' performance on this album is flawless and brings a much needed "human" sound to this recording in which very minimal edits and no "replacement drum samples" were executed. From punishing down-tempos to break-neck blast beats, Chavez' skills disgrace all electronic forms of percussion known to man! Liuzzi brings back a similar riff composition and lyrical style, but there's also a noticeable improvement in song writing and structure. The songs still possess moments of all out aggression, melody, sadness and cold, cacophonous, calamity but seem more collected and refined this time around. To put it bluntly, the tracks are simply much more memorable. Liuzzi's vocals are full of despair, soaked in reverb and tantamount to a demon's lament in the deep caverns of hell. The result of the combined talent on this record is an old-school, pure and natural sound, which Chronaexus truly deserves. "A Tempest Of Reticence" sounds exactly like what the title implies: A wretched storm of musical and lyrical rebellion!

The album's simple, yet beautiful black and white artwork was created in a "wood etching" style by the band's former keyboardist, Christopher Barnard. So in a way, the contributors to Chronaexus haven't changed - the roles are simply different.

In a scene where the word "epic" is used entirely too often, when speaking of the new Chronaexus album, that adjective is totally appropriate.

Influenced by and for fans of Agalloch, Amesoeurs, Darkthrone, Drudkh, A Forest Of Stars, Hinsidig, Immortal, Krallice, Lantlos, Lifelover, Nachtmystium, Shining, Totalselfhatred, Urgehal and Windir.

First pressing of 100 professionally packaged, duplicated CDs. Shrink-wrapped in a standard size jewel case.

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