Human Obliteration "Human Manipulated Mass Extinction" CD EP


Featuring members of several now defunct brutal Sacramento, CA area death/grind/thrash bands, (Heaven Exempt, Pisshitter, Decay of Society & Esoteric Sacrifice) these two sleaze bags managed to stick together like a siamese twin possessed by Satan to bring you their debut offering. H.O. deliver a unique/classic style of grindcore with varied influences of the gore, sludge, punk, death, crust and thrash varieties. 11 tracks riddled with gory/funny/disturbing samples and apocalyptic-gore-soaked-sometimes-political lyrics that clock in under 12 minutes, so you know this shit is fast! Includes a Purulent Spermcanal cover, so that should tell you something! Comes with a 12 page booklet!

First pressing of 100 professionally packaged, duplicated CDs. Shrink-wrapped in a standard size jewel case.


These maniacs play a mixture of old school and modern grind core. There are tons of samples. Some of the samples are longer than the songs themselves. Hahaha. But it all fits together in one big ol sick and grinding package. I’m not a big fan of the more modern grind style. Sorry, I still listen to my Unseen Terror and Filthy Christian records. There have been a few newer era grind bands that have wowed me. But they tend to play the olden style. Now Human Obliteration is not all modern sounding as I mentioned. They throw in some older influences as well, and all in all this is a killer band with great potential. It is a mostly blasting and grinding affair, but there is enough variation to mix it up a bit, so it doesn’t get boring.

The production is low and very dirty. It sounds like it was recorded in a garage on a ghetto blaster. But that is fine, because the music is ugly and is almost meant to be recorded like this. My only problem over all is that the sound is too low. I had to put the volume up higher, just to listen to this disc. My only other problem with this, is the snare sound on the drum. I’m not a fan of the “tinny” and “snappy” modern grind snare sound. It just rubs me the wrong way. This is not something that ruins this release at all. The death noise on here is good enough to overcome this. Some might even dismiss this band once the EP starts because of the production. But this is why the underground rules. Dig deep fuckers, it is ALWAYS about the music.

There are old school twists and other influences going on here that run along with the modern touches. Like many newer grind bands, Human Obliteration has some Voivod like guitar chords. It’s hard to keep track of the songs as they are all jumbled together with the samples and they run back to back like some crazy and awesome, PCP induced zombie/porno/action flick, but the title track has a little of a Soilent Green feel with the southern guitar intro, that gives way to some massive blasting chaos. One of my favorite songs “Lost Cause” has some thrash metal feel to it with those ripping riffs. Shit, “The Abstract Mind” is an acoustic guitar instrumental that would fit on any progy/easy listening metal album. The band actually remind me of Exit 13. It is all over the place. There are some parts that sound like a Sabbath jam session, maybe like Sleep and Bongzilla.

The band also has some death metal influences to go with the grind. I think fans of Brutal Truth will like this band. There are some parts that remind me of the old recordings of Agathocles and Cripple Bastards, maybe even some Patereni. This is the stuff that I like better. There is an overall vibe on here that reminds me of the grind scene from the late 80s/early 90s. Maybe like Misery Index with a basement production? Hmmm, maybe so! There is enough from both eras of grind to appeal to fans of either. As I mentioned, this EP runs together as one big song in a sense. Starts with a sample, then song, sample, song, so on….. And then ends with a sample.

The songs are as follows: 1. All Were Sacrificed…   2. Dead to the World   3. Everything Around You is Nothing   4. Human Manipulated Mass Extinction   5. Lost Cause   6. Buy, Consume, Prosper, Die   7. The Abstract Mind   8. Social Dissatisfaction   9. Among the Urine   10. Massacre in the Oriental Porno   11. Storm of the Last Days. Now the guys told me that there are new demo songs up on their Reverb Nation page. I will have the link down at the bottom. Go and check them out! I have the new demo CD and it has 5 songs. This time, the production is louder and the overall sound is better. But it has the same crazy grind/whatever you want to call it/all over the place extreme shit. The samples are clever and the band is now getting even more “out there” and pushing the boundaries in a sense. But it is not too much. The aggression comes through and there are some killer and catchy riffs and ideas going on! A fine example of “all over the place” are these new demo songs. The 5 songs are completely different, yet do have the “Human Obliteration” stamp on them. It is pure chaos and ripping grind madness on the first song “Plague of Ignorance”. The Woody Guthrie cover (yes you read that right) “All You Fascists ‘Bound To Lose” is total punk rock/grinding fury and almost has that funny vibe of the old Lawnmower Deth/Old Lady Drivers stuff when they were balls out grind, which was KILLER. The last song “The Genius of Disorder…” starts with a sample that blends into some acoustic guitar stuff that then has some ripping guitar solos over the top. And the drums come in with rolls and cymbal crashes to give it all a majestic feel. It sounds like a different band, yet it still has that HO stamp (if that makes any sense!) Interesting and these guys grow on me more and more and I look forward to hearing this next album!

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