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How these perverts have stayed off of the Megan's Law website is a complicated mystery. Formed in the summer of 2010, Panties quickly refined their take-no-prisoner's audible assault by combining elements of Grind, D-Beat and Thrash for this hyper-aggressive debut recording. Comprised of four long-time friends, each member has their own laundry list of credits in different bands from the Los Angeles, California scene. Panties does not hesitate to offend and will make you feel like you’ve been blindfolded and taken for a treacherous, anxiety filled joyride of confusion with song topics covering Freddy Krueger's Ray Ban-wearing-nightmare-rape-rampage, the wrath of Ferris Bueller's arch nemesis Ed Rooney, insane tales of child abduction, killer kidnappers and more. It seems no subject is too "off color" for this cacophonous quartet. In addition, the band feature's one of the best female bass thrashers in the biz! All parents, teachers and authority figures alike, you have been warned.


Straight outta my old stomping grounds, North East Los Angeles, comes PANTIES. This is some killer hardcore. BAD ASS STUFF HERE! You know if I’m covering it or talking about it, it is REAL hardcore in the traditional sense as far as influences, and it also has a crusty vibe, as well as a power violence feel to it.  But it has a big metal edge to it on top of everything. So with these styles that I’m reminded of, IT RULES! hahaha. If you don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, this music is fast paced, with short songs. It’s aggressive and in your face. Skank beats are all over the place. The vocals sound like ever clear shots with a razor blade chaser. It is a punk rawk affair, but they are playing on some metal heads equipment. The riffs are catchy and shred along with everything very well. Panties have an “L.A.” sound. If someone was familiar with that statement, and heard Panties, they would say “this band is very L.A.” It is just a way of playing and style that exists here. I’m not talking about glam metal or Hip Hop, hahaha. Starting with the thrash era of Slayer/Dark Angel/Hirax and then going into Terrorizer/Nausea/Excruciating Terror, now with Bloody Phoenix/Endless Demise and others. Panties has elements of this very style. It is a punk/death/hardcore/grind/crust hybrid that is killer, even for a “purist” like myself when it comes to metal.
Now we have a couple of members of the infamous Dolemite Project that are in Panties. Michelle(Apollo Weed) on blower bass and Jon(Party Mcfly) on insults/strep throat. Jon is a maniac that doesn’t take himself very seriously. He is also one of the funniest fuckers that I know. So the lyrics and subjects are not very serious, but it is great fun! Especially with all the serious stuff that I listen too, and how “uncool” it is to be funny in metal at times, this is perfect! But don’t let the funny stuff fool you, these fuckers can play and shred with the best of them! Del Toro’s riffs slice and dice better than the fuckin infomercial. And Juice Lee crushes all in sight with the drums. Proof of how good these fuckers are rests with the EP closer “Ed Rooney Is Down For Kids”. Now this whole EP is great, and I hit repeat a few times because I dug it so much. But I had to re-play this song 10 fuckin times. It has a slower/moodier intro set of riffs that then take off into total chaos and skank beat madness. The song just rules! But the whole recording does as well. The other songs are “Annie Macnamara”, “The Ballad Of Johnny 23″, “Rectal Rampage”, “Check My Temp”, “I think I like him so I’m going to keep it”, “Mr. Harvey’s Special Place”, “Teach me how to clean(This is from Mathilda)”, “GET IN!!!!!!!!!!!!” and “Sparkle Motion”. Another stand out is “Freddy Wore RayBans” that has vocal terrorist Jenocide from local maniacs Eat The Living doing some guest vox. This song reminds me of Excruciating Terror smoking PCP with Nausea N.Y. Jen has always sounded like Amy/Nausea, which RULES for me! Oh yeah, “GET IN!!!!!!!!!!!!” also has a Tragedy crust vibe on it that I love. Another stand out song, yet they ALL are in the end! Yes, this is some “hardcore” shit. Yes it has a punk flow to the music. But it is also all metal. This is what is GREAT about some of the crossover stuff, or the mixing of genres. It is rare that bands do it this well. It doesn’t have to come from Stockholm, New York, or the UK to rage like a crack head looking for that rock. These NELA crazy fucks are here and have come for your beer and stash! Don’t forget the Panties! This is essential(but isn’t everything that I cover ;>) for fans of the bands that I mention above, but I think this would appeal to a wide variety of people. Enough punk/hardcore to keep it dirty, and enough metal to keep it heavy. Good job fuckers, the ‘hood can dig it!
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