Gadget "The Funeral March" Gatefold 12 Inch Vinyl


After the extremely untimely demise of Nasum, people have been looking for another band to fill the unfillable void the worlds greatest grindcore group left behind. Many have claimed that band to be Gadget – another rising Swedish grindcore outfit with the same sheer unabated aggression in their music. No disrespect intended to the band – but no one will ever replace Nasum, and I don’t believe anyone will or should try to. Furthermore, as some people have labeled Rotten Sound, Gadget have been accused of being ‘Nasum clones’. And while I can see the strong influence, I believe Gadget (and Rotten Sound) stand alone stylistically, and that it is a disservice to these groups to call them as such. The first time I heard Gadget’s “H5N1″ off the new album, it blew me away. Here was a group playing up-tempo grind with the same intensity and violence of Kill the Client, but with a focus on a much more progressive grindcore sound. The guitars, clear and razor sharp, shred though an impressive array of varied riffs. The drummer is of course, extremely proficient to say the least. And the vocalist has an aggressive mid-range vocal with enough range to shift his voice up or down a few octaves as required. To tell you the truth, after listening to Kill the Client’s “Wage Slave” and Rotten Sound’s “Exit” and “Murderworks,” I would have to say these guys are hands down the most impressive and promising rising group in the realm of grind. In my opinion, they have already surpassed Rotten Sound’s last excellent full length. An exceedingly promising sophomore – these guys will definitely be one to watch. I have no idea why they are not better known in their home country. Need I make myself any clearer? Buy this fucking album! Red Vinyl. Import. (7 Degrees)

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