Resistant Culture "All One Struggle" CD


After the tragic death of their original singer, ex-Nalpalm Death/Terrorizer frontman Jesse Pintado, the "Darker Days Ahead" Terrorizer vocalist, Anthony Rezhawk has taken over leadership of the reservation's most fearsome tribal crustgrind collective and has declared war on the great callous, concrete devourer that's gobbling up liberties and livelihood, and shitting out pollutants and poverty. The song writing is far tighter than the debut album, which seemed to stop far more often than necessary to have lovely, haunting flute moments as if it were taking in a picnic spot on a long motorway journey. Instead the chants, hooting owls(!) and traditional Native American instruments are absorbed into some orthodox Bolt Thrower-brand grinding death. The lyrics, which take big spoonfuls of tribal spirituality and indignant anarchopunk only add to the fearsome, atmospheric and apocalyptic end result; the soundtrack to the world you've just destroyed. (Shaman)

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