Cosmonauts Day "Paths of The Restless" CD


Probably the best way to describe Paths Of The Restless would be Crack The Skye minus the annoying Ozzyisms. Top notch progressive post-metal minus the wanky-ness and shitty vocals. (Corey Mitchell - Their songs never get old, and never start sounding the same (the Dragonforce Effect). They sounded extremely professional for their first recording and have a very unique style, which I hope they stick with... ...Instrumental music had notoriously long build-ups, which sometimes are necessary without vocals to use as guides for transitions. On occasion, Cosmonauts Day takes you from a quiet build-up and throws you into the fray of heavy, powerful guitars. It was like driving 10 KMH on a side street and then getting smashed by a train ( However, what Cosmonauts Day have perfected, is the art of creating music that despite its length is a skillfully layered, myriad of delicate harmonies and progressive rock that draws listeners in rather than switch them off ( The band have indeed carved their own identity into the genre, partially as a result of incorporating traditional elements of Russian music into the muscular sludge-metal framework ( Russian Import.

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