Kasatura/ Nadimac / Exarsis "Three Ways Of Thrashers" CD


Three bands from three different countries: Turkey, Serbia and Greece. Exarsis is slowly making their way throughout the underground with two other formidable bands - Kasatura and Nadimac. Exarsis end this compilation with two thrashing tracks entitled "Resist” and "Killing Command”. Awesome old school thrash with a technical edge mixed with a hardcore feel. Exarsis really kick ass on this compilation and I can’t wait to see what comes next. Now the start of this comp. begins with Kasatura, a thrash metal band from Turkey, and a capable band at that. Kasatura are a supposed thrash metal band, but I have to say that the brutality of their music can definitely cross them over to death metal very easily. "Helmet 451” is an extremely brutal track that crushes a skull when first played! Kasatura are a really good death/thrash metal band in a new school vein. From Serbia we have Nadimac, they are described as a thrash metal/crossover band. Very true, but the hardcore element is quite apparent on both of their tracks. Fast and crushing, Nadimac leave nothing but dust and blood with their style! I can’t even pronounce the names of the tracks because they are in the band’s native language of Serbian (I believe so anyway). Either way it doesn’t matter, pure hardcore mixed with a bit of metal (anybody remember good old D.R.I. or Agnostic Front from the very early years?) Well it is obvious that Nadimac hasn’t forgotten what they sound like and take to the style like a sledgehammer to a skull! A great compilation with three very good bands! (Coffinfeeder)

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