No Mans Slave (SLAVE) / Mass Sterilization "Split" 7 Inch Vinyl


Brutal stop-and-start powerviolence from these fine Oklahoma folks! Angry and pounding powerviolence that borders on hardcore throwing in some catchy breaks to blast into a noise barrage that will have you cowering in immortal fear of the prairies. Technical guitars and drums have this rolling back-andfourth like a Oklahoma steam-roller! Mass Sterilization is a newer band from Denton, TX and their first vinyl release! Pounding and slow doom intros blast into a head-crushing breed of powerviolence/grindcore and hardcore! Brutal and angry growls, make these folks the most feared cult in the Texas landscape! Taking some stop-and-go cues they blast down into a noise mirage of doomed Texans! This is a brutal split! Black Vinyl. (Give Praise Records)

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