Sorrower 7 Inch Discography


Get the first two SORROWER studio recordings on vinyl for the price of one in a retail store! If you bought both of these records separately from Buriedinhell, it would cost $7.98! Save some dough and get both of these killer records! Here's some info on each...

Sorrower "Debut S/T" 7 Inch Vinyl
This is the debut release from these Arizona scene veterans. Includes ex-members from E.T.T.S. But does not carry the same porno-gore-grind torch. Rather, Sorrower executes a grindcore style influenced by european death, grind and hardcore punk. The songs are down-tuned, fast and aggressive as hell, full of D-beats, blast beats, browbeats and any other kind of beatings you can imagine. Even though there's 8 tracks on this 33rpm slab 'o wax, Sorrower will leave you weeping for more. Comes with a digital download. (Buriedinhell)

Sorrower / Violence Of Humanity "Split" 7 Inch Vinyl
Ear-crushing Grind from AZ and OR collide on this split. Sorrower bring 3 songs of revenge filled death/grind from Arizona. Influenced by European death, grind and hardcore punk. Down tuned guitars,guttural and pissed vocals, fast and ridiculously heavy - Ex-Black Hell,Carrol Ann, ETTS, Rapid fire and Sea of Deprivation. Violence Of Humanity bring violent, non-stop, ear-melting grind from Oregon. Growled and tormented screaming vocals, breakneck blasts and heavy breaks. Current members of Transient, ex-members of Book of Belial. Awesome art and layout by Mike Fisher. (End Theory)

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