Blood Of The Gods "The Shadow Before" CD



"The Shadow Before" is the debut release from New Hampshires axe-wielding, death-crust-dbeat warriors, Blood of the Gods. Like a clan of possessed, drunken Viking Berzerkers marching into your ear canals, BOTG will violate, pillage and decimate everything you once thought was deadly and brutal in the "Metal-Punk" realm. Eight unsubtle nuances of sheer brutality range from skull crushing slow grooves to gut-wrenching gallops and blood boiling blast beats. Fans of Bolt Thrower, Disrupt, Obituary, Stormcrow and others of similar ilk will proudly sacrifice their eardrums to this devastating disc. Features ex-members of Buriedinhell's very own dbeat-crust merchants, Man The Conveyors.


"For their debut album, these American bruisers take a classic earthy death metal tone, a groove similar to some Autopsy and give a massive injection of crustiness that often verges into some grind madness like you can take away from "Doomed Will Remain." The tempo and the sometimes screaming vocal delivery reminds me of an old school deathgrind marathon. Not forgetting groove, Blood of the Gods remain fresh by way of the combination of these styles, I for one am glad that this is not another old school remake, this actually has substance. "In the Den of the Lion" begins with Autopsy, slow doomy death magic, eventually this emancipates into high tempo deathgrind metal, like Panzer Bastard or Afgrund. Encouraging is the word I would use to describe Blood of the Gods influence when engaging in their crust side of the coin. Some of these tracks such as "Dawn of Blood" hang around for over 7 minutes which is not a displeasing experience in itself, far from it, but this appears to lose BOTGs well-earned short sharp shock treatment, ultimately killing any momentum prior to the return to a signature crusty death style. This is dirty music mixing doom death and crusty death should ensure that Blood of the Gods is a band name you should become familiar with, if not they will come round your residence and shake your foundations with the album closer, "Cloak of Sorrow." -

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