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The Dirty Priest (band name translation) is at the altar commanding the congregations of doom to do their worst to wreck the blessed sound collecting cavities in your skull. The church organ has been replaced with an orchestra of guitars and drums (female drummer!) and played in a stoner influenced doom and gloom style supported by a choir lead by harsh female screams and hollers and backed by guttural male growls. If Eyehategod fought Electric Wizard, Cura Cochino would be the blood spilled on a bar room floor in Mexico. This is Doom en Espaņol! With ex and current members of Knifethruhead, Kuru, Iguanadon & Dinosaurus, how could you go wrong?! Featuring art by critically acclaimed psychedoom artist, Skinner. Limited to only 100 copies. Get it before a seven inch and a full length CD/LP comes out in 2011! $5.00

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