Plague Widow "Self Titled" Debut CD EP - DOWNLOAD


The debut from Sacramento, California's newest Death/Grind miscreants! The band includes ex and current members of Slaughterbox, Cowboy Killer, Ungoliant, Minenwerfer, Nunfuck, Chronaexus, Heaven Exempt, Pisshitter, Human Obliteration and Esoteric Sacrifice. A barrage of bludgeoning blast beats, gorrific growls and ravaging riffs that mercilessly stabs it's way between the death, grind and black metal sub-genres. Sure to quench your bloodthirst for absolute audible mayhem. If you know anything about Metal from Sacramento, you'll instantly recognize the refined production quality on this release being from the one and only Mayhemeness Studios. For fans of Wormed, Portal, Origin, Robinson, Insect Warfare, Gorgoroth, Discordance Axis, Circle Of Dead Children and Rotten Sound. Look for the 7 inch vinyl version of this recording soon from Buriedinhell Records!

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