Kruds / Rampant Decay "Split" 7 Inch Vinyl - DOWNLOAD


San Antonio's teeth-clenching powerviolence misfit/burnouts KRUDS and Providence's beer-soaked anti-everything punk/thrash/grind crossover sextet, RAMPANT DECAY, gang up to terrorize your ear-holes and bully your skull into a whiplashing, head-banging frenzy. Combined, the bands unleash about ten minutes of loud, fast and chaotic tributes to hate, revenge, death and scum-bag supremacy. Song titles include, "Hatchet Face", "Dead Bent", "Chumbawumba/Fuck Charles Day", "Political Lemmings", "King Of The Trash" and more! Includes killer cover art featuring a heavily tattooed member of Satan's Street Gang rising from weed smoke to murder a bike-riding-dirt-head-hipster-hippie-dude with a giant machete. If you're not a total scum-bag-piece-of-shit-waste-of-life, prepare to be converted!

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