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"After self-releasing a couple demos with different line-ups, Chronaexus is debuting their first full length album. Depressive, Symphonic, Ambient, however you'd like to label them into a Black Metal subgenre, Chronaexus definitely delivers that creepy, cold, grim and ugly, old-school style that makes your skin crawl. This Sacramento, California trio could easily be mistaken for a Scandinavian band. For fans of old European BM like Satyricon, Ulver, Gehenna, Bethlehem, Darkthrone and newer United States BM like Agalloch."

"Chronaexus are a fairly new Black Metal band hailing from Sacramento, California. This year they managed to squeeze out a pretty impressive debut album called Algedonic Awakening, even cooler is the fact that they were quite open to sharing it here on the Hearse. Algedonic Awakening brings to mind the second wave of Euro Black Metal bands with its swirling keys and towering atmosphere, I am reminded of ...And Oceans, and Admiron Black-era Gehenna. Now I know these guys play live, but the drums on this recording sound artificial, however it doesn't really detract from the experience for me. Can't help but feel that their next outing will absolutely rule." — From Cosmic Hearse

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