Permanent Midnight "Under The Blood Moon" CD


Permanent Midnight release their first and only album through Paragon Records. Unfortunately the band has broken up leaving behind an instant classic in the death and black metal genre’s.

Under the Blood Moon is morbid, harsh, gloomy and destructive. This creates an atmosphere that may not be for the faint of heart. Permanent Midnight showcase a primitive old school style of death metal, that includes the use of keyboards and synthesizers. The majority of the songs feature great melodies, which are both catchy and haunting. Songs such as They Feed in the Night and Set in an Apocalyptic Sunrise execute the fierce attack of the guitars and drums, while Wuly creates a majestic atmosphere with the keyboards. The Russian band Ashen Light’s Stary Byliny/Slavenskie Vecera album can be compared to what Permanent Midnight are going for. Micitian’s guitar work is varied, shifting from tuned down riffing that’s similar to early Cathedral to grindcore shredding that Napalm Death accomplished on From Enslavement to Obliteration. His performance on the album holds everything in place. The guitar work is much more rhythmic. There are no solo‘s or lead guitar work on the album. Barbarian plays a primitive, raw aggression on the drums that can be best compared to early Carcass. Barbarian’s ability to blast when needed and to play it real slow and doomy is a highlight to this album.

Wulv’s vocals range from dry raspy shrieks that would give Ihsahn a run for his money, to low guttural vocals that remind me of Derelict from Pan Thy Monium. Lyrically the topics are about lycanthropy, murder, torture and evil. Wulv does a magnificent job handling these two different types of vocals sometimes in one song.

The production is raw and fits perfectly for the type of music Permanent Midnight create. The diversity in all three musicians comes through on these eight songs. The album is an easy listen, that feeds off of raw emotion then technical supremacy. If you are into Autopsy, Morgul, Necrophagia or Emperor then give this band a listen. (Paragon Records)

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