Storm Breeder "The Knave" CD


Australian speed, thrash metal band Storm Breeder release their first full length called The Knave. The opening track, The Knave comes off with some traditional Iron Maiden like melodies, played against a tight rhythmic section similar to Annihilator. There is some excellent guitar playing that impresses me. Time changes are dominant throughout the album. They clearly know how to play and it shows. The strongest element of the music are the riffs. You can hear a strong Metallica influence on the album. There are moments when Storm Breeder incorporate blast beats, whispering, female vocals and keyboards. Don’t expect to hear any symphonic black metal. Storm Breeder uses these ingredients to give the listener a different perspective to the music. The atmosphere that’s created will bring you back to the late 1980’s/early 1990’s thrash, speed metal scene. The song Demoniacal has a strong gothic overtone similar to Crematory’s earlier records.(Paragon)

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