Kozeljnik "Null: The Acheron Of Multiform Negation" CD


This band is composed of two members: Kozeljnik, who is the vocalist, guitarist, and bass player, and L.G., the drummer. Both of them are also members of a long-running excellent Serbian band named The Stone, which I featured in a MISCELLANY post back in March 2011. Kozeljnik has released an EP and two albums (Sigil Rust and Deeper the Fall), and they’re on the verge of releasing a second EP named Null: The Acheron of Multiform Negation.

One song from the new EP is now streaming and available for download on Bandcamp (here) — “Time, Neglected in the Wound of a Martyr”. The last album, Deeper the Fall, is also available on Bandcamp (here). Last night I listened to the new song as well as the first track from Deeper the Fall, “Thetruthisdeath”. Both are them are striking, and strikingly different from the norm.

“Time, Neglected in the Wound of a Martyr” is a racing flurry of technically accomplished, jabbing riffage and superbly executed drumwork. But mixed within that head-spinning charge are decelerated melodic passages in which the vocals change from raw, passionate, mid-ranged roaring to clean, almost chanted lines that have a pagan/folk quality. I listened to the song repeatedly, because it’s as infectious as it is fascinating — and the clean production makes it sound great.

“Thetruthisdeath” is no less compelling. It’s built around a series of absolutely killer riffs and it’s filled with contrasting tempos and melodies. Once again, the instrumental performances are absolutely top-shelf.(Paragon)

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