Livet som Insats / Anger Burning "Split" 7 Inch Vinyl


Literary wundermensch T.S Elliot made the claim that the world would end not with a bang but with a whimper, but then again he never had the good fortune to hark what Livet Som Insats and Anger Burning had to say about that. With the Battle of Stalingrad as a point of reference and a moral high point at that the two Swedish pessimists slather in austere brutalising detail their own sickening fate to this world in this uncluttered 7" rager.

Taking chisel to eardrum first are my favourite Scandipunks Livet Som Insats, who brazenly dice up a torrid brew of anthemic Crust and intensely frustrated grind before layering it down to Blitzkrieg Doctrine; highly pressurised tones are intensified through the use of vehemently fast and sharp musical expenditure that astutely deliver clear and concise cuts and sweeps in a blinding Orthrus flurry, a multi-piece deathblow executed with determinative precision at that moment just before you can gain composure from their initial onslaught, rinsed and repeated in 4 distinct yet equally punishing stages, the damage from each cumulative to its predecessors.

Livet Som Insats leave-only-ash, carpet bombing approach is the ideal forerunner for the gritty and even more brutal aftermath unfolded by Guerrila punks Anger Burning. This four piece set of hermitic doomsayers are incredibly coarse and lack anything in the way of culture, yet in a few strokes are able to induce an atmosphere of a gritty survivalist battle of attrition played out in the bone-yard of a former urbanised environment. Through primitive patterns of crust and d-beat choked through low end recording quality they mangle together just short of indecipherable noise arriving at exceedingly raw punk in an embittered and bruised state that plays like discharge regurgitating mustard gas with instruments made of shrapnel; must I say any more? Import.

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