Beyond Damnation "A Buriedinhell Records Compilation" CD


FREE DOWNLOAD in the "DOWNLOADS" SECTION! This compilation CD was created to celebrate and commemorate Buriedinhell Records' ten years of service to Satan (2001-2011)! Most of the Buriedinhell Records family of bands are featured on this sampler (a huge apology to those we had to leave out, there simply wasn't enough room). Clocking in at 78 minutes and 47 seconds this CD maxes out playing time by featuring 29 hits from the bands your parents love to hate:

Alaric, Black September, Blood of the Gods, Call the Paramedics, Casket Blaster, Chronaexus, Cura Cochino, Embryonic Devourment, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Hellcrew (debut unreleased track!), Hellhunter, Human Obliteration, Killgasm, Knifethruhead, Kuru, Man the Conveyors, Rebels Advocate, Shrine of Scars, Skitzo, The Skuds, Slapendehonden, Slaughterbox, Sorrower, Thou, Unholy Goatfucker, Verlaten & Wendol.

Buriedinhell Records is offering this CD for FREE (visit the "Downloads" section on this site) or at a very low price if you'd like to own a "hard copy." All you pay is the manufacturing cost and shipping. This is our way of saying thank you for many years of support. We are also making this music available for free (or at a low price) so that you may sample all of the brutal, powerful and evil music that Buriedinhell Records has to offer.

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