Wilt "Your Will Has Been Broken" CD


Seattle, Washington is home to 1,000s of bands and hundreds of extreme punk and metal acts. One of the newest and most exciting onslaughts among them is WILT! Enlisting members from other Northwest eardrum assault teams such as SWORMING, HEP.C, SURUK, TYPHOID MARY and DEATH IN THE FAMILY, you should know what you're getting into when you pop this diabolical disc into your CD player.

WILT consists of five members who play the conventional instruments but manage to deliver a refreshingly unconventional sound. This isn't surprising because the band does not limit themselves to one genre of influence. WILT corrupts your senses with a myriad of underground, aggressive and violent styles of rock 'n roll including crust, grind, death metal and hardcore punk. However, one can't help but notice the occasional blues and old-school heavy metal riffing that brings you out of the mosh pit and into a head banging, dread-lock swinging fit while taking a swig of beer and bong hit! Stoner Crust, Dark Crust or Death Punk? However you categorize them, WILT most definitely joins the ranks of their grimly melodic predecessors and peers with their devastating slow-to-mid-to-fast paced drum rhythms and menacing, down-tuned guitar tone. The vocals are desperately shrieked and roared by one of the most ferocious singers this side of Hell and occasionally backed up by demonic guttural growls.

Agrimonia, Deviated Instinct, Damad, Ojorojo, Fuck The Facts, Thin The Herd, Extinction Of Mankind, Axegrinder, Fields Of Shit, Wojczech & Guided Cradle...add WILT to your list of siblings.

First pressing of 100 professionally packaged, duplicated CDs. Shrink-wrapped in a standard size jewel case.

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