Plague Widow "Self Titled" CD EP


The debut from Sacramento, Californias newest Death/Grind miscreants! The band includes ex and current members of Slaughterbox, Cowboy Killer, Ungoliant, Minenwerfer, Nunfuck, Chronaexus, Heaven Exempt, Pisshitter, Human Obliteration and Esoteric Sacrifice. A barrage of bludgeoning blast beats, gorrific growls and ravaging riffs that mercilessly stabs it's way between the death, grind and black metal sub-genres. Sure to quench your blood-thirst for absolute audible mayhem. If you know anything about Metal from Sacramento, you'll instantly recognize the refined production quality on this release being from the one and only Mayhemeness Studios. For fans of Wormed, Portal, Origin, Robinson, Insect Warfare, Gorgoroth, Discordance Axis, Circle Of Dead Children and Rotten Sound. Look for the 7 inch vinyl version of this recording soon from Buriedinhell Records!

Second pressing of 100 professionally packaged, duplicated CDs. Shrink-wrapped in a standard size jewel case.

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Everything that is right with metal. Cry with tears of brutality. So deliciously good. Featuring Hal Rotter, ex guitarist of Slaughterbox (INSANE TECH DEATH). For fans of Portal, Wormed, Robinson, Origin, Insect Warfare, Malignancy, 1349, Discordance Axis, Rotten Sound, Circle of Dead Children. - (Dan Wolfson) Regular reader and band-suggestor

Death metal and California have always struck me as strange bedfellows. Im a lifelong East Coaster; for me, the word "Californian" conjures these notions: Sunshine, Palm trees, People wearing flip-flops, Liberal marijuana laws, Deep whole-body tans, "Relaxing", whatever that is. The striving and clenching and scowling I associate with death metal do not jive with my image of the place. Of course, my image of California absurdly diminishes its reality. Cali is a huge, diverse place that cannot be reduced to postcard cliches. And it has given us a great deal of death metal, from Autopsy and Exhumed to Deeds of Flesh and Odious Mortem. Now California has given us Sacramentos Plague Widow, who strive and clench and scowl harder than most. Structurally speaking, this debut EP approaches grindcore in its brevity. Its nine tracks run only fifteen minutes (four of which are interludes or outro), and Plague Widow blasts straight through the sub-three-minute songs. But texturally, this music bears none of grinds punk grit. Instead, Plague Widow summons Portal-like maelstroms of dense black-death noise. But the delivery is different - tight and clean, with lots of precise pinch harmonics. This material would rest as easily on Willowtip Records (think Malignancy) as Portal does on Profound Lore. A great deal of metal is written about power. Plague Widows music suggests not might, but fear. It reminds me that the world is a scary place for everyone, no matter how brightly the sun shines. - (Doug Moore) Invisible Oranges .com

Hot off the press, PLAGUE WIDOWs self-titled EP dominates listeners with every second! This fierce mix of grindcore and brutal death metal with black metal elements sounds like a well-oiled killing machine, pulverizing all in its way. Assisted by a very punchy and clear production, the ear-pummeling drums on this debut EP are accompanied by abominably swift guitar playing thats sure to give you a shock. PLAGUE WIDOWs best attribute is being able to satisfy everyones specific tastes and blow them away in one fell swoop. While tracks like Mabus Incarnate may impress fans of heavier chugging rhythms in the vein of brutal death, other tracks like Operating The Segmental Apparatus should be a favorite for fans of high speed blasting. The revolting vocals on this release add a strong sensation of vengeance and fit the music perfectly. To finish off the overall sound PLAGUE WIDOW has to offer, disturbing samples and ambient noise construct a hateful, cold-blooded domain. There are no better words to describe this EP other than malign, unforgiving and solid. (Adam Gambel) - Hails & Horns Magazine

Blast.Grind.Destroy. This is the mantra that Plague Widow stands by, and boy do they deliver on it. After a thunderous and ambient introduction, you are treated with their brand of discordant and mesmerizing brutal death/grind. Bellowing growls on top of bludgeoning blast-beats and creative fretboard-play is how the meat of the EP is presented to you. It is a non-stop grind attack that not only feels fresh, but is catchy as all hell, too. Throughout 9 tracks and 15 minutes of pure misanthropic brutal death/grind that sounds like a mixture of the string-bending madness that is Wormed and the dissonant misery of Portal, Plague Widow takes up this style and completely make it their own. Tracks like Womb, Mabus Incarnate, and Void show their more straight-forward brutal death influence, while later tracks such as Assimilated Subconscious and Operating The Segmental Apparatus seem to take that dissonant misery I described and double-down on it with melodic grind shining through. With that kind of versatility in a brutal death/grind band, it can be paramount in propelling them to the next level. -

This 4 piece death/grind band produces a straight forward metal attack that is filled with lightening fast riffs, blistering drumming and deep monstrous vocals. Vocals usually tend to stay on the low end with a couple of high registered screams on the EP. Drumming is always going non-stop; Tons of blasts, fills and interesting patterns when the music isnt out for blood. Guitar is tuned low but that adds to the brutality and its used for actual tremolo riffing and sinister chords. Not just open string palm mutes and breakdown shit. Hal Rotters guitar work is sheer madness and his technique and style is quite deranged; he is trying to kill you with his guitar. Throw all three of these together and you have one solid EP, just murderous death metal that is some of the finest I’ve heard so far this year. The songs are rather short but they are so good you can listen to them over and over and they still held my interest even after 10 full listens back to back. The EP is solid and just incredibly heavy, so if you’re a fan of death/grind you’ll appreciate the self titled EP that Plague Widow has released. Some of the best death metal so far this year. -

Plague Widow bring searing, soul-rending discordance to your ears - murderous drumming, skull-splitting riffage, monstrously deep vocals (and occasional horrific shrieks), and merciless pacing. The EP is a ferocious, super-heated blast of death-grind with blackened overtones, and it does a brutally effective job of building an atmosphere of impending apocalypse. To get the full force of the atmosphere, you need to listen from start to finish - which wont take long, because the songs are short as well as nasty and brutish; the entire EP is about 15 minutes long. Making your way from start to finish will expose you to the ominous, wordless sounds of the intro and the outro and two uber-grim spoken-word interludes, in addition to the blowtorch fury of the five main songs. While such touches are generally hit-or-miss affairs, they work well on this EP, binding the songs together as parts of a grisly whole. Operating the Segmental Apparatus is somewhat different from the rest of the EP and therefore deserves special mention. While its as harrowing as the rest of the tracks, it includes more extensive use of tremolo guitar as well as off-pace passages of morbid melody that together convert it into music that is more blackened death metal (or deathened black metal) than death-grind. It’s a very good song and a change of pace and style that make the EP even more interesting. Finally, I will note that the production on the release is quite good, with well-timed channel-shifting and a sharpness that I thought was fitting for the music. -

"Some bands have songs where it is just a quick one two knock out instrumental death growl punch, and then there are the bands like Plague Widow who make albums where the music hits you and then quickly comes to an end. The album is nine tracks of pure intensity for all of fifteen minutes. I feel as though the music came knocked me out and then quickly ran down the street laughing. However, I do have to give the band credit for making some heavy sounding recordings and the musicianship is very impressive. There are plenty of rapid fire blast beats and technical guitar parts. The album starts out with a wash of slow dark ambient noise and then explodes into the growling death grindcore song "Womb." After listening to the vocals for a while I get used to the brutal grindcore exaggerated growls and they work well with the guitar harmonics surprisingly. It is as though the are synchronized to perfection. The song "Abyss" is broken up into two parts and is just a solo vocal piece where the singer talks in a demonic voice about some gruesome subject matter. Even without the other instruments the lyrics are very powerful and some of the best poetry I have heard in a long time. About track seven the band has established their consistent death grind sound and they do not seem like a band who is going to change up their sound. Tracks seven and eight sound very similar to each other and probably could have been formed into one song. However, this is a grindcore style band who seems to know what they like and you are going to get what you expect from them probably on each album they put out. The production is amazing and helps give the recordings a great boost of power especially with the vocals. These Sacramento death grinders sound like they have practiced a lot and enjoy what they do musically. My biggest complaint is that there are two many short songs. The nine tracks are very brief and after listening to the album I feel that I am not able to get a full taste of what this band is about. I hear potential and maybe if they added more songs I might be able to make better opinion of the album. Musically Plague Widow is intense, brutal, and a band that probably puts on a killer show. Just for their next album I would like to hear more tracks because fifteen minutes of music is shorter than one song on certain metal albums. Still this album is worth listening to if you enjoy death grind and these guys are from my home state of California. Glad to hear metal bands from the west coast making killer heavy music and maybe I can see these guys live. I just worry that they will finish their set too quick and I’ll have to go home before the sun sets." (Twan) -

Excellent Video Review by Mangled Media of the 3rd Kind/JGCSound
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