Alaric "Debut" 7 Inch & Full Length LP


Get the first two ALARIC studio recordings on vinyl for the price of one LP in a retail store! If you bought both of these records separately from Buriedinhell, it would cost $14.98! Save some dough and get both of these killer records! Here's some info on each...

12 Inch LP
Comprised of Bay Area punk vets from bands like Dead & Gone, Enemies, Cross Stitched Eyes & Noothgrush, Alaric came together to play dark 80s inspired post-punk that sounds instantly familiar and completely unique. And though dark music has seen a resurgence among the indie scene lately, Alaric songs stand apart from such trite fashion and lo-fi tinkering, more inspired by and indebted to the sounds of Killing Joke, Rudimentary Peni, Christian Death and the like. The 8 tracks on the LP are all stand outs, with "Eyes", "Your God" and "Animal" being easy to imagine as well-received singles by the more interesting rock radio stations in 1982 or in 2011. The songs display an intense, foreboding aura, with a heavy production that is never "metal" in sound. Russ Kent's guitar style at times recalls the adventurous playing on earlier Siouxsie records (thinking Kaleidoscope era), given the perfect foundation to experiment by the formidable, multi-faceted rhythm section. Shane Baker's snarled singing hanging over it all and giving the album an unforgettable cohesion.

7 Inch
If you took Bauhaus, 45 Grave, and Christian Death, gave them even more drugs than they were presumably on, made them play just a bit "dirtier" and asked Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke) to sing....the end result would be Oakland, California's ALARIC. Featuring members of Dead & Gone, The Enemies, Noothgrush, Pins Of Light, Cross Stitched Eyes and U.K. Subs. This is the band's debut release. Two tracks of total 80's style Goth-Punk-Death-Rock melancholy. Only 500 pressed: 400 on Black, 100 on White (with alternate cover). Comes with a poster and a digital download.

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